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Hydraulic operated bar tensioner is a double acting jack with centre hole. It is exclusively designed to use with Macalloy and Dywidag bars. Capacity range available to use 22 mm dia to 75 mm dia bars.
Single Acting Load Return
Single Acting Lock Nut
Double Acting
Double Acting Lock Nut
Double Acting Centre Hole
Bar Tensioners

Basically a double acting centrehole jack with range upto 300T of pull. It consists of high pressure & low pressure chambers for extension and retraction. All jacks have a standard stroke of 50 mm. Using this jack with accessories, even longer bars can be stretched in stages. Built in stroke limiter will indicate the end of stroke, to retract and to set for next cycle of stretch.

All critical components are made of alloy steel, hardened and tempered for strength and toughness for long durability.

For capacity up to 100T, hand operated pumps and for higher capacity motorised pumps are available. Considering application needs, we have pumps of 700 bar and 1200 bar ratings.

For 1200 bar, pneumatic operated pumps are available.

In addition the following accessories are available suitable for Macalloy & Dywidag bars.

  • Strut house.
  • Puller to suit jack and bar combination.
  • Collet, hexnut with tommy bar.
  • Hoses, couplers, connectors, gauges etc.
Further, accessories can be supplied to meet customers exact applications.

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Accessories: Suitable for Mc alloy and Dywidag bar applications available

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