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Lock nut enables cylinder to hold full load for long duration even after releasing hydraulic pressure. Lowering of full load at controlled and precision speed feasible.
Ideal to hold load with zero slip for long period, especially big equipments during assembly and erection.
Single Acting Load Return
Single Acting Lock Nut
Double Acting
Double Acting Lock Nut
Double Acting Centre Hole
Bar Tensioners


  • The construction of the jack is unique.
  • Bore hard chrome plated for abrasive and anti corrosive protection.
  • High strength alloy steel for durability and reliability.
  • Designed to use in vertical position.
  • Teflon based turcite seals act tough on load and smooth on movement.
  • Good safety factor built-in.

Note: Locknut designed for rated capacity static load only. For dynamic application, consult us.

Swivel pads, anti skid pads and Vertical lift handle are available on request.
Recommend vertical lift handle

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