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Tunnel pushing is a contemporary technology to construct under passes. This process eliminates trenching work and hence faster. It is to push pre-cast concrete structure in the earth to form passages. In the process it requires even thousands of tons of force, depending on the tunnel size.

Hightorque has supplied equipment for Seven projects, pre-cast concrete tunnel weighing 170T to 1800T. Maximum length of pushed is 48 mtrs in 3 segments. It is standardized to use 200T x 500mm stroke x 700 bar jacks in parellel as required based on the geometry and weight of the tunnel. These jacks are of special design to withstand the following.

  1. Higher lateral load due to un-eveness of concrete tunnel.
  2. Can work under water. (Due to unforeseen situation water/mud accumulates in the tunnel).
Power pack of 5 hp and 3.6 lpm at 700 bar has been standardized. To combine more jacks for higher thrust, multiple packs may be combined and still the combination performs the work successfully.

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