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Hightorque supplied jacks to support Launching truss and to steer the launcher in curvature while traversing.

Larsen & Toubro built 2.1 km long 4 lane flyover in Bangalore on Mysore road. It was segmented construction. L&T adopted over head launch system. The launching truss was designed by DAR consultants and L&T fabricated and integrated at site. Launching truss length is 77 mtr and weighed 1200 T. It is capable to hang 14 segments of 1800 T cumulative payload. Also the structure is designed as 2 point simply supported.
Bar Tensioner

The flyover was built in the existing crowded roads with sharp curves and with level varying topography. Hightorque's hydraulic jacks were used to maintain the level of launching truss as required from span to span. Also during longitudinal traverse of launcher in the curvature, double acting hyd jacks were used for lateral shift of launcher to steer and position the truss for the next span. During travel, launcher was supported at three points.

For vertical support, at each end 2 clusters, each consisting 4 jacks, were used. With this normally supported with 16 jacks and while traversing it was with 24 jacks. Each is rated for 180T at 700 bar with 600mm stroke single acting mechanically locked type were used. For lateral shift, on each beam 2 jacks of 80T at 700 bar with 1000mm stroke double acting type were used.

All these were supplied during 1998, and at present all are working in good condition at L & T's bridge project over river Hoogly at Calcutta.

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On completion of Bangalore project, all above jacks with launcher were used at L&Tís DMRC Delhi site and at present deployed at Kolkatta Vivekananda bridge project. Till date all jacks are working in good condition and so far not even seal has been replaced.

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