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Hochtief Gmbh with L&T as JV constructed break water at Karwar for Indian Navy harbour. Boulders and stones of different sizes were transported to the mid sea and dumped to form wall of stone.
Barge Pull

Stones were transported by split barge to dump at position., Hightorque supplied hydraulically operated equipment to position the split barge of 3000T.

The requirement is to laterally pull loaded split barge. Hightorque adopted hydraulic cylinders, wire ropes and pulley mechanism to achieve a pull of 12 meter. The system is mounted on the anchored mooring barge.

Having mooring barge as reference, loaded split barge is pulled to a position sensed by GPS system.

While dumping, sea water swell induced buoyant force acts on the barge. To prevent accident, load sensing hydraulic safety system is introduced. On sensing the pull on rope, hydraulic system releases split barge to be dragged by the swell.

Total mechanism was conceived by Hightorque Systems. Further designed, manufactured and commissioned by Hightorque.

Hightorque's equipment worked successfully and Hochtief executed the project six months ahead of schedule. Now this equipment is used by L&T for their break water project at Hazira, Guajarat.

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