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Hochtief Gmbh with L&T as JV constructed Break Water at Karwar for Indian Navy harbour Project Seabird. Boulders and stones of different sizes were transported from land to the mid sea and dumped to form wall of stone to form break water.

Barge Pull

From the land boulders were loaded on berthed barge at work harbour by dumpers. Hightorque designed, manufactured and supplied hydraulically operated steel ramp to link land and barge. Loaded dumpers were rolled over the ramp.

Depending on the sea tide and barge's load, barge height will vary. The ramp is to rest on barge surface, irrespective of its float position. Hence one end of the ramp is pivoted on land and the over hanging end swings up and down to rest on barge. When the barge is pulled away, ramp overhangs on sea with the wire rope support. Wire ropes are connected to counter acting hydraulic cylinders housed inside the two columns.

From the land when dumper transits towards barge, shore end of barge dips. The load sensing valve fitted on cylinder allows the ramp to lower along with barge. After the dumper entering on to barge, the later bouyants back to level. Ramp is pushed back to position by barge. Subsequently, the wire ropes are gradually pulled back by hydraulic system, to keep in taught for next cycle.

This system worked for four years, till completion of the project, and still in good operating condition with Indian Navy.

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