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Hightorque has supplied jacks, pumps and accessories to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation for various applications. The entire under ground and elevated works were executed by Gammon India Ltd, IMCC (L&T ECC), IJM etc. Hightorque has supplied equipments to all contractors.

Bar Tensioner

To suspend and die match the pre cast segment, Hightorque has supplied Double Acting Centre Hole jacks with swivel pads at top and base, pump and accessories. Macalloy bars were passed through the center hole with one nut on top of jack and the other one at the base. Jacks with Macalloy bars were positioned on the trolleys. With this arrangement, segments were aligned perfectly and glued.

  • Segment Weight : 60T
  • No. of jacks per segment : 4
  • No. of pumps per segment : 2 ( One pump for 2 jacks)
  • Macalloy bar size : 26 mm

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    Jacks were proved highly reliable and durable. The entire work was carried out in the thickly populated busy streets, keeping traffic alive. Even after four years, customers continue to use the jacks with no complaints.

    Population in use at DMRC project as on date :

    • Double acting center hole jacks 35 T : 50 Nos.
    • Bar tensioner : 48 Nos.
    • Launcher Push/pull jacks : 8 Nos.
    • Launcher lift jacks : 4 Nos.
    • Pumps
    • Hand Pumps : 80 Nos.
    • Motorised pumps : 12 Nos.

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