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Well Sink System

Larsen & Toubro Ltd is building bridge across river Ganga at Allahabad By-pass for NHAI. The base of the bridge is of well foundation, which is being sunk using effective and efficient hydraulic system.

Bar Tensioner

Hightorque has designed, manufactured and supplied the total system for this critical application. It consists of hyd jacks, reaction bars (gripper rods), power pack, hoses etc,. Jack is built with top and bottom gripper assemblies to hold reaction bars automatically. The gripper jaws are made of high strength alloy steels. Gripper rods are made of alloy steel and heat treated to withstand severe shocks and to sustain fatigue loads. All elements of the systems are perfectly engineered and manufactured with great care. The system has been commissioned during Mar 2004.

With the stake of high tensile anchor bars as reaction members, jacks thrust down the concrete well. The downward progress is steady and continuous. Since from the day of commissioning, the system is working reliably with no break and resulting high availability. It is performing to the full satisfaction of customer

Hightorque’s well sink system is robustly designed and manufactuered to perform with high safety measures. The system consists of hydraulic jacks, pump unit, gripper rods, anchor elements, hoses and accessories. Jacks are made of alloy steel, powered by pumping unit with heavy duty radial piston pump. Both are designed and matched to offer continuous thrust on well. Gripper rods and anchor elements are made of high grade alloy steel and heat treated for optimum combination of strength and fatigue life. This confirmed high reliability and safety of these elements.

Larsen & Toubro is building bridge across river Ganges at Allahabad by-pass. The well details are as below :

  • Well's outside dia : 10 mtr
  • Inside dia : 7.5 mtr
  • Depth : 48.5 mtr max
  • Total Qty : 26 Nos.
Hightorque’s well sink system is working at L&T’s above project. The supply details are as below :

Hyd jack
  • Bore : 350mm dia
  • Centre hole : 135mm through
  • Stroke : 500mm
  • Thrust : 250T @ 370 bar
  • Quantity : 6 Nos.
Special feature: Top & bottom gripper assemblies are fitted integral.

Pump Unit
  • Motor : 20hp
  • Pump : Radial Piston Heavy duty
  • Flow : 15.3 lpm
  • Pressure : 400 bar max
  • Tank Capacity : 800 litres
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