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Gammon India Ltd built road bridge across river Swarnarekha in Orissa India. It was a challenge to lift, transfer, lower and position pre-cast I-beams of 400T each.

Bar Tensioner

Hightorque accepted the total task and supplied hydraulic jacks and pumps with safety and functional controls, very specific to handle this job. I-beam was suspended at two points from the trolleys over the launching truss. On each trolley 2 Nos. of 150T 300mm stroke jacks with single power pack were connected. Using pin lock method, all beams were lift, held, traversed, lowered and positioned right to the point with precision.

Entire work was executed with high safety level. In total of about 85 beams were positioned.

Further, for lateral shift after lowering 2 No. of 50T double acting jacks with power pack were used.

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